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Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

HaaS can allow your business to grow without restriction.

Let us help your business by providing the right solutions at the right time.

HaaS can allow your business to grow without restriction.

Do you worry and dread the next time you need to make upgrades to your network? Is your IT out of budget every year? What if you could cut down your IT costs, raise your working capital and update your hardware at the same time? Well, now with the help of MIS Solutions’ HaaS (Hardware as a Service) you can.

Key Benefits of Cloud Office:
  • Servers & Workstations
  • Firewalls, Router & Access Points
  • Network Infrastructure and BluePrint
  • Disaster Recovery Backup
  • VOIP Phones
  • Hardware & Software
Why Hardware as a Service?

MIS Solutions provides an affordable all-in-one package solution to maintain your company’s computing and network hardware. Through HaaS, your business pays for the use of specific technological hardware as a monthly service. In so doing, you avoid the astronomical costs associated with periodic hardware upgrades. Our comprehensive service package incorporates new technologies seamlessly into your daily operations and future projections. For a predictable monthly rate, we follow the changing tides of technological evolution on your behalf, making upgrades in response to your business’ needs and objectives so that you never fall behind the curve.

Proactive 24x7x365 Monitoring and Maintenance

MIS Solutions offers a Network Operations Center (NOC) that regularly and proactively provides oversight for your HaaS equipment. Doing so allows us to ensure continuity and operational efficiency in your business. Our monitoring software detects potential problems at all times of day and night. If a problem emerges, an alert is sent to the NOC, which immediately turns to address the problem at hand. By virtue of our quick response, little to no time is lost.In the face of systems failure, valuable seconds translate into valuable data. Our support system ensures that costly downtime will be held to a minimum.

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